Mass Mob #2
Resurrection Catholic Church

Invite a friend or five to join us Sunday, Feb 15!

10:30 AM
Resurrection Catholic Church
5475 Newberry Ave
Memphis, TN 38115
Pastor: Fr. Ben Bradshaw

How do I Mass Mob (reminder)?

  1. Spread the word! Share this post on social media using #MemphisMassMob, and tell us you’re going.
  2. Invite friends! Set up a car pool, plan lunch for after Mass, share the experience, make it an event!
  3. Plan to get there early! The church is beautiful and we expect a crowd, so be sure to give yourself some extra time to take in the beauty of the church and prepare to receive our Lord.
  4. Fully participate in the Liturgy! Sing out with joy, respond with enthusiasm, pray your hardest, engage in the mass!
  5. GIVE! Bring something extra for the offertory this Sunday. Help support the parish in a big way by being gratuitously generous this day.
  6. Be kind and patient. Make a little more room in the pew. Give up your seat for an expectant mother. Be respectful of the prayer time of others.
  7. Share the experience with others! After the Mass Mob, let people know what a great experience you had. Share pictures and smiles and joy using #MemphisMassMob. Talk about it at work or with your friends or your family.
  8. Get involved! Use this as an opportunity to boost your own faith as well as the life of the parish. Begin a daily devotion or join your young adult group or the men’s/women’s group. Volunteer with a parish project. Cooperate with the grace you receive in the Eucharist and participate in Christ’s mission on Earth however and wherever you are called to do it.

Final Results:

Catholic Church of the Ascension 15%
St. Augustine Catholic Church 21%
St. Michael Catholic Church 11%
Resurrection Catholic Church 52%