I have been a “new kid” quite a bit lately.  In the last year, I have completed 2 internships for graduate school as well as start 2 new jobs.  Being new is not easy.  You have to get to know the people that have already worked there, get to learn the way things work and all the rules and expectations. It is hard for me to function in an environment when I do not know the expectations.  In my current job (this is the 4th time in a year) I am once again the “new kid.”  

Everyone here and at my previous jobs/internships have been so welcoming and accommodating. I feel comfortable asking people questions and being able to learn the environment at my own pace; however, sometimes I feel lost or confused about something,  not exactly sure where to turn.  In these moments, I seek God.  I pray and ask God for help and courage to learn or overcome anything that I may be facing.  I often think back to when Jesus walked the Earth and how every person He came in contact with were mostly unwelcoming and cruel.  I think how Jesus kept sharing the word of God and kept performing miracles even when it seemed that no one believed in Him.  Jesus did not stop his mission just because one or two people got in His way.  I think how brave that was, because I am much more easily stopped when conflict arises.

Thinking a little more on this, I find I can relate it to every aspect of my life.  When I moved back to Memphis 4 years ago, most of my friends had moved away.  I had to seek out friendships and become involved, which is not easy (as I am sure many of you can attest to!).  I was CONSTANTLY the new kid in the city where I grew up. It was not easy, but eventually I found my way.  I made some wonderful new friends through the different young adult groups, my master’s program and through my involvement in several organizations.  I feel like there will be many more times when I will be the “new kid.”  I have to tell myself not be afraid and to just take that one step in the right direction and know God understands exactly what I am going through! So, don’t be afraid to be new, at one time or another, we were all new! 🙂