The glory of God is the human being fully alive. – St. Irenaeus That’s what this conference reminds us. We can begin to see what beauty really is and what it means for us. Through prayerful liturgy, great music, great art, insightful talks, good food, and authentic fellowship, we will celebrate what is true, beautiful, […]

Why I Love the Liturgy of the Hours – And You May, Too One of my favorite ways to pray is the Liturgy of the Hours.  They are cool. Let me tell you why… What Are They? The Liturgy of the Hours, (aka Divine Office), is a set of prayers to be prayed at seven “hours” […]

Mass Mob 6 – St. Paul Catholic Church Recently, the convent for the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecelia at St. Paul Catholic Church was burglarized. There has been a generous effort to replace many of the items stolen and to help with the cost of updating security. Here is the story that ran on Action […]

The 901 Kicksters The 901 Kicksters (est. 2012) are the only church-affiliated team in the Memphis Kickball League. We gather each Thursday for Kickball and post-game fellowship.We value FUN over competition, SPORTSMANSHIP over winning, and DOING YOUR BEST over performance enhancing drugs. Surprisingly, we’re not that bad! Wanna Play? The season begins on March 24, […]

Have you ever felt that what you are doing is not what you are meant to do? Or you are unsure of your future? Feeling lost and maybe unloved? Well, I certainly have felt this way before.  The constant push-pull of the world. Trying to live up to everyone’s expectations. ALWAYS being busy. Trying to […]

Mass Mob 5 – St. Michael Catholic Church Recently St. Michael Catholic Church was vandalized and robbed. The action resulted in a significant loss of morale and a very expensive repair to two of their beautiful stained glass windows.   WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee   As a show of unity and of support. […]

Please join us as we kick off this new year with a Speaker Night! Rene and Bill Platten will be our speakers and they are talking to us about Service.  Bill Platten has been the local keynote speaker for Men’s Morning of Spirituality and together they have done many incredible acts of service in our local […]

Today is the feast of St. Thomas Becket, Archbishop and Martyr. His story is a powerful one, portrayed on screen by Richard Burton in the film, Becket which you can find on Hulu. He was not your typical saint. Before becoming an Archbishop, he was known to run around with a very worldly crowd. His story, […]

  It’s that time of year. My favorite time of the church year; advent. I love it so much because I am an impatient person, who is ALWAYS busy (aren’t we all?). And Advent reminds us to wait. It reminds us to be patient, take time for God and reflect. In a season that mainstream […]

Messiness of Grace The spiritual life often feels like driving down Poplar any time before nine o’clock at night: slow, frustrating, and at times even absurd.  One piece of good news is that we’re not alone on the journey. There are a whole bunch of authors (and artists and musicians, but more on that later) […]