Everything seemed perfect in Lauren & Scott’s marriage, until they decided to start a family. That’s when they discovered infertility issues and were faced with the question of what’s next? Through grace, trust and teamwork they eventually found themselves pursuing adoption. The heartbreaking roller-coaster of a process taught them how to love each other, perfect strangers and eventually their son, Max.

In this talk, Lauren & Scott will share details of their process of discernment, the heartbreaks and heartwarming moments and how their faith guided them through the process. This talk isn’t just about family, marriage or adoption, it’s about suffering, taking up the cross and following God wherever He leads you.

Place: Fox Ridge Pizza
1769 N Germantown Pkwy, Cordova, TN 38016
Time: 6:30 PM
Date: Monday, August 13

About Our Speakers:

Originally from Iowa, Lauren & Scott Ready moved to Memphis in 2013 for Lauren’s job as a TV reporter.  After three years, Lauren left her dream job to pursue a new passion; work full-time at the video production company the two built together.  Today, they have three full-time staff members and an intern.  Scott a full-time job in IT and does accounting for their company.  Together, they have an adopted son, Max, who is the joy of their life.  They attend St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in downtown Memphis and are involved in the Dorothy Day House and Lucy J’s Bakery.